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How to Install an Asphalt Mixing Plant

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How to install a set of asphalt mixing plant? What kind of equipment and manpower preparations are required, and what are the main installation steps? I believe that many users will take these issues into consideration after purchasing an asphalt plant. As a technician of ZOOMLINE asphalt plant installation with many years of experience, I would like to share my experience with you.




1. Preparations before installation of asphalt plant:
Before the installation of the asphalt plant, the end user can select and plan the site according to the ground plan and general assembly drawing provided by the asphalt plant manufacturer, as well as the user’s material yard, bitumen tanks, transport vehicle access and the surrounding environment. According to the foundation plan, find out the center of the mixing tower and mark it with a line, lay the foundation and reserve foundation bolt holes; the asphalt plant components can be installed after the foundation is condensed.


The user needs to provide the personnel, site and tools and equipment necessary for installation:
– Provide cranes, crowbars, ropes, etc. required for temporary unloading and installation of equipment. The cranes can be deployed according to the size and time of arrival at the site according to the maximum weight of the installation parts and the installation sequence planning, so as to save the cost of hiring a crane.
– Arrange workers in advance, according to the requirements of the technical instructors, sort and arrange the small parts required for installation neatly, and place them in the free temporary site to save time and facilitate access.

-Provide the tools needed for installation, such as electric welding machine, cutting machine, temporary lighting, power generator (or generator set), and some tools for screwing, etc.
– Arrange 4 to 6 workers to cooperate with the installation and commissioning work.
– Determine 1-2 operators, 1 mechanic and 1 electrician in advance, and follow the asphalt plant manufacturer’s technicians to cooperate with the equipment installation throughout the process, so as to understand the structural characteristics of the equipment and accumulate asphalt plant knowledge for later commissioning and maintenance of the plant.
– Be prepared to install safety protection work and safety appliances.


2. Asphalt plant installation:
The installation of the asphalt plant must be carried out under the guidance of the installation and commissioning personnel of the asphalt plant manufacturer, and in accordance with the installation sequence and requirements. ZOOMLINE has a group of on-site installation and commissioning experienced technicians who can be dispatched at any time to guide the installation of asphalt plants at different user sites.


(1) Installation of the mixing tower and the upper parts:
First of all, each floor of the main mixing tower can be assembled with walking platforms, guardrails, etc. The ladders between each floor should also be assembled and marked, and the bolts and nuts used in the mixing tower should be sorted and arranged. Then, the four pillars of the mixing building should be placed on the anchor bolts, and the second and third floors should be hoisted to the four pillars by a crane.




During the installation of the mixing plant, it should be noted that elastic washers should be added to the bolts of each part and tightened so as not to loosen; the connection between components should be aligned and the seal should be reliable to prevent dust from overflowing from the joint seal.

(2) Installation of hot aggregate elevator:
After fixing the mixing tower, position and fix the hot aggregate elevator in sequence with the center line of the mixing tower as a reference. The outlet of the hot aggregate elevator should be connected with the inlet of the vibrating screen, the connection should be aligned, and the seal should be reliable to prevent dust from overflowing from the butt seal. When installing the hoisting bucket, pay attention to laying the hoisting bucket in a straight line to ensure that the hoisting bucket is facing one direction, lift the middle position with a crane, and install it into the hoisting casing. Finally, it is necessary to determine whether the hoist is vertical to the ground.


(3) Installation of drying drum and combustion system:
The drying drum is positioned with reference to the mixing floor and the feed inlet at the lower part of the hoist, and the drying drum and burner are fixed. During installation, the outlet of the drying drum is docked with the inlet of the hot aggregate elevator. The burner is located at the discharge end of the drying drum. If the user is using a coal-fired burner, the location of the pulverized coal stockpiling needs to be considered.




(4) Powder(filler) supply system installation:
Position and fix the powder elevator with the mixing building as a reference. The inlet of the mineral powder temporary storage bin of the hot hopper is docked with the outlet of the powder hoist, the connection must be aligned, and the seal should be reliable to prevent dust from overflowing from the docking seal.


(5) Installation of cold aggregate supply system:
After the drying drum is installed, the inclined belt feeder, intermediate filter screen, and aggregate feeder can be installed in sequence. The docking parts between the various parts should be in place accurately, and the connection should be aligned to ensure that the conveying channel of the grading machine is unobstructed, and a certain throwing distance should be left to prevent the aggregate from overflowing from the entrance of the drying drum.




(6) Installation of bitumen supply system:
The specific location of the installation of the bitumen tank is generally on the outside of the drying drum and near the asphalt circulation pump, which can shorten the length of the connecting pipeline, reduce heat loss, and facilitate the addition of asphalt. The installation of bitumen tanks and pipelines should start from the asphalt circulating pump, and be installed one by one from near to far. Pay special attention to the tight and reliable installation of metal graphite gaskets between pipelines and valves.


(7) Installation of dust collecting system:
First place the first-stage volute (or gravity, cyclone) dust collector. The bottom frame should be fixed first, and after the bottom frame is fixed, the dust removal pipe and bag filter (or water dust collector, according to the customer’s product configuration) are connected in sequence, and the induced draft fan and chimney pipe are placed. The pipe connection should be aligned and the seal should be reliable to prevent dust from overflowing from the butt seal.




(8) Installation of compressed air system:
The installation of the air circuit system is mainly: after placing the specific position of the air compressor, connect the pipeline connection thread and the pneumatic components everywhere. When installing the joints of each section of the gas circuit, sealant should be applied and wrapped with raw material tape to ensure the tightness of the joints.


(9) Installation of control room:
The position of the control room should be placed so that it can not only observe the operation of the asphalt station, but also observe the entry and exit of the asphalt transport vehicles downstairs, so that the operator can command the entry and exit of the vehicles.
First fix the outriggers of the control room, then hoist the control room, install stairs and handrails, etc.


(10) Emission of electric control circuit:
After all the equipment is installed, the security of the electrical control circuit can be carried out. First, check and design and fix the position of the cable tray, and then carry out the wire and cable wiring from far to near, and reasonably distribute the wire and cable according to the motor power and the distance to the control room to avoid cable waste or shortage.




The above is just a brief installation preparation and basic installation process of the asphalt plant. The customer’s asphalt plant configuration is different, and the installation may be different. If you need more help, please contact ZOOMLINE to provide you with professional asphalt plant installation services. We have a dedicated overseas after-sales service team with rich experience in the installation and commissioning of asphalt plants.

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